About us

Armed with over 20 years of experience in the field of workforce analytics and strategic workforce planning, we have created an advanced, practical and user friendly solution TalentFlux. With our technology and consulting help transform the workplace and unleash the full potential of organizations and individuals. Our expert team and proprietary solutions provide you with a unique insights and services that help you maximize your success.

Getting smart about your workforce

Leading companies rely on our workforce analytics and proven scenario simulation approach to manage risks and opportunities.

Smart workload analytics architecture, models, metrics and benchmarks

We apply all our experience to help you select the most appropriate architecture and identify key performance indicator models, metrics and benchmarks.

Workload analytics implementation

Turn insights into action. We design and implement key metrics, decision support systems, as well as people business analytics/intelligence that simplify complex people management challenges.

Dynamic business planning

Traditional budgeting processes are no longer sufficient to cover the volatility and uncertainty of today's markets. Dynamic business planning allows you to simulate the effects of external drivers on your performance.

Strategic workforce planning

Explore the dynamics of your workforce and identify the key challenges of today and tomorrow. Modify your assumptions of the key drivers, of your stock of employees, and most importantly, the demand.

High performing teams don't happen by chance. With comprehensive analytics you can harness HR data to make fast, informed decisions.

- Mark Jefferson, VP Human Capital

Three main reasons for working with us

Uncover insights, create outcomes

Unleash your potential with the best in workforce analytics and workforce planning. Analyze your workforce, align on priorities, and act on your strategies.

Our value proposition

Traditional business intelligence tools that measure an organization’s performance to pre-selected goals in the areas of operations and finance using standard performance indicators have long been in use. What those tools lack is the ability to mine workforce data for trends and insight into human capital performance. TalentFlux provides a complete view of your human capital, putting business leaders in the driver's seat.